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Shipping & Returns

Lots of companies offer a so called "Free Shipping" which is just a fancy way of saying:
"Shipping Already Worked Into Our Pricing".
We don't believe our customers are stupid and we don't believe in pulling fast ones. Lets face it, the shipping companies aren't going to ship for free for anyone, no matter how big they are or how much they ship. So basically companies that ship for free know what they need to make on each product and how much it is going to cost to ship, so they just up the price per product to make what they need to make. Our cart is based on the weight of product being shipped and what box the items fit in, which generally means the more you order the better shipping price per item you will get - generally cheaper then others so called "Free Shipping"...take a look for yourself.

Our main method of shipping most of the items found in this shopping cart is USPS Flat Rate Shipping Boxes/Envelopes. On small sticker orders we will ship using regular postage for items that will fit in a standard envelope.

We do use FedEx for larger jobs which require larger packaging.

We do use UPS as well for larger jobs which require larger packaging.

We, Eye Kandy Designs, reserves the right to change methods of shipping at anytime so long as you get your package(s) in the standard amount of time that you paid for at check out due to unforseen circumstances that may arise.

Returns of Items Purchased
We do custom design work here, please understand we have a strict no returns policy. We may choose to redo your job or refund your money based on flaws that are not within industry standard or that are faults on our side, but we simply can not accept returns because you have purchased the wrong size, color of clothing, color of thread, etc.